Namaste Jharna

  • Destination: Nepal

About Namaste Jharna

One of the most magnificent waterfalls in Eastern Nepal, Namaste Jharna offers a great place for Canyoning. It is located in Vedetar village development of Dhankuta. This waterfall is a prominent tourist center and acts as a gateway to several other attractions of the Eastern region of Nepal. Canyoning is a must-do activity here in Vedetar and Namaste Jharna will prove as one of the best categories for just that. If you are an adventure-enthusiast and love the scene of the falling water and water splashing, you have come to the right place. 


Outline Itinerary

  • Day 105.30am: Pick up from your hotel in Kathmandu. Depart to Jalbire Waterfall which is an approximate 3- to 4-hour drive from Kathmandu. NOTE: We will stop midway for a toilet break and refreshments. Kindly note that refreshments are at your own expense. 10.30am: Arrive at Jalbire Waterfall canyoning site. Hike up to the hill (25 to 30 minutes). 11.30am: We will begin setting up and distributing the canyoning equipment for your One Day Canyoning Tour from Kathmandu, Nepal. NOTE: You will be asked to fill up some forms. At this point, you can also opt to change to more appropriate clothing if you wish to. There will be a 20-minute canyoning safety briefing before getting started on our awesome activity! During your One Day Canyoning Tour from Kathmandu, Nepal, we will come across places where you can go for a swim/slide or experience cliff jumping. Our guides will inform you when and where these are possible. Our trip will end at the base of the waterfall where you will be served lunch. 06.00pm: We will arrive back at Kathmandu. Tour ends. NOTE: Each individual may take up to 15 minutes (average) to rappel down the waterfall. The duration of this activity will therefore depend on each descent! There are 5 waterfalls (height from 45-50 meters high) in Jalbere Canyon. If the weather is good and the water level permits, you will get to enjoy canyoning in all the five waterfalls. If the water level conditions are however dangerous, you will not be allowed to do the jumps.
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