Terms and Conditions

Medical & Insurance

We suggest that you visit your doctor and seek medical advice before signing the trip with us. After booking the trip, be sure to send us your medical report regarding your health, whether you are fit for the chosen trip. We will give you an advice on the trip selected and necessary information and details as per the related trips.

We strongly recommend that you have an Insurance policy to cover from Travel / Medical and Emergency Evacuation.

Trips Cancellation Policy

  • After booking, some may be compelled to cancel the trip due to personal / domestic, job or some other reason.
  • In this case 25% cancellation fee is applied if the clients has notified us or our abroad agents 3 months in advance before the trip departure.
  • 50% cancellation fee is applied on 2 weeks to a month notice.
  • No refund on last minute or at no show situation.
  • If the clients has to return earlier from the trekking / or any other trips or tour due to medical / physical or personal reason the clients has to bear his / her own expenses on route of trekking and at Hotel in Kathmandu.
  • There are no refund, if the company has to reroute to other area's due to unavoidable circumstances and from bad weather. In this situation the company holds the right.

Trips & Itinerary Condition

It's a great pleasure of having you in our Himalayan Adventure trips.Please note, whilst all our treks and trips Itineraries are all set with camping at designated places as per the Itinerary, some days could be longer or some days could be shorter depending upon the fitness of the rafters, trekkers, availability of campsite, weather, river, road or trail condition.

In this case our chosen camps sites may differ from the Itineraries. In very rare cases we might even have to reroute or cancel the trips as per the political, riot, bad weather, broken road or trail and porters situation and condition.

In this case, please bear with us.However we will try our best to adjust the itinerary trips as best as possible for your convenience. The company has the right to cancel the trips due to unavoidable condition and if the volume of trekkers is less than expected as per the trips selected.

Finally, assuring to give you a hassle free adventure holidays and the most enjoyable trip of your life time."Bon Voyage"