Arun Gorges

  • Destination: Nepal

About Arun Gorges

The Arun river is respected as one of the most mighty and powerful rivers of Nepal. It cuts through the Himalayas in some deep and somber gorges that fascinate explorers, travelers, geographers, and river runners alike. The upper gorges from the Hedanga Bridge provide 30km of sustained whitewater in beautiful white surroundings. The very enjoyable padding includes fifteen class 5 (or harder) rapids which tend to be long – some over a kilometer even. The gorges are wild and committing but intermittent egress is possible in places up the west bank to the main trail above.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 1Start: Hedanga Bridge (Altitude 790m)
  • Day 4End: Tumlingtar (Altitude 280m)
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