Thuli Bheri

  • Destination: Nepal

About Thuli Bheri

This river still remains one of the best kayak expeditions in the world along with its challenging and hugely enjoyable whitewater in quite possibly the most exotic and remote region of Nepal. Thuli Bheri drains the Dolpo district, one of the most traditional areas in the Himalaya. Obviously, it offers a great option for kayaking expedition as there is literally 100+ km of continuous whitewater in the upper reaches of the river followed by another 100 km of easier rapids in the paddle out.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 1From Kathmandu, drive to Surkhet and spend the night there.
  • Day 2From Surkhet, fly to Julpha Airpot early in the morning. In Julpha, trek for 2-3 hours up to Dunai and set up a camp.
  • Day 3Continue trekking until we set our second camp in Tarakot.
  • Day 4Start kayaking expedition early in the morning. Flow down to Dunai and set up a water camp near the river.
  • Day 5Continue kayaking on normal rapids untilwe get close to Tibrikot. Set up a camp to stay the night.
  • Day 6Continue kayaking through a series of continuous rapids, also known as Golden Canyon Rapids. Scout three rapids among them, some of the places need portaging the kayak and the cargo through the mule’s way. Set up another camp at Sirbinde.
  • Day 7Continue kayaking down from Sirbinde which will offer magnificent high class rapids. Some of these rapids need scouting and portaging. In about 3 hours, reach Chugad which is our next camping site for the day.
  • Day 8Continue kayaking while scouting some of the rapids to reach up to Awulgurta where we will camp for the day.
  • Day 9Continue kayaking down up to one hour and then we will portage about 2.5 hours. Set up a camp at Tallobagar near the Helicopter pad.
  • Day 10Continue kayaking for 4 hours while scouting and portgaging to Radijula where we will set up another camp.
  • Day 11Continue kayaking while scouting some high class rapids to Sallibazar where we will set up another camp.
  • Day 12Rest day. Miscelleneous activities like real Sona Bath (which is effective to take out cold from the body).
  • Day 13From Sallibazaar, return back to Surkhet in around 10 hours and stay overnight there.
  • Day 14From Surkhet, return back to Kathmandu either by bus or flight.
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